League FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I play in a league?

If you are looking for a competitive match but can’t find ten players to book a pitch, or are looking to play different teams every week entering a league is ideal.  Also, promotion and relegation at the end of every season, keeps the divisions interesting right up until the final kick of every season.

What do we need to do to join a league?

To join a league all you need to do is the following:

1. Decide what night best suits your team (leagues run Sunday – Thursday).

2. Pay your Good Faith Bond to secure your spot in the league.

3. You’ll be entered, a welcome pack will be sent and your fixtures for the season will be generated for you.

Good Faith Bond – £37.00 (Sun – Thurs 5-a-side leagues), or £45.00 (Monday 7-a-side league). The Good Faith Bond (GFB) acts as a deposit for your team. This deposit can be used to pay for your final league game should you decide not to continue on to the following season. 

Match Fee – £37.00 (Sun – Thurs 5-a-side league), £37.00 (Mon-Thurs 5-a-side Works league) or £40.00 (Sunday/Monday 7-a-side league).  Matches are 40mins with a short break in between and are officiated by our qualified referees. Kick-off times will vary week to week but a full fixture list will be prepared for you at the start of the season.

Why should I choose Gôl leagues?

Firstly, with pitches that are 32.5 m long and 22.5 metres wide, our pitches are the largest available in Cardiff. This not only promotes the ability for teams to play football but also, with more space, it reduces conflict caused by players colliding in an enclosed space.  Also, if you look at our website you’ll see sensible score lines because our goals aren’t too big and our penalty areas aren’t too small.

With the biggest 5-a-side league in Wales with up to 8 divisions a night and promotion and relegation at the end of every season, we can offer competitive matches whether you are a regular player who thinks they can cut it in division 1 or a casual player who hasn’t played for a few years and would prefer a lower division.  We also provide the largest works leagues available in the UK with matches Monday – Thursday at 6:15 and 7:00 for those of you who would like to play with your colleagues after work.

What happens if I can’t make a scheduled game?

If you are unable to play a scheduled game for any reason, unlike other 5-a-side providers in the area, we will do everything we possibly can to help you to either rearrange the fixture or help you find players to fulfil the fixture in accordance with our rearrangement policy which is available from reception.

What if we are half way through a league season and we need to pull out?

We at Gôl accept that, on occasions, due to injuries, players moving away from the area etc sometimes teams lose players and are unable to continue in the leagues. Unlike other 5-a-side providers in Cardiff we will help you out by replacing you as soon as we possibly can. If you let us know as soon as you are struggling we will replace you as soon as possible with a team from our waiting list, should this not be possible immediately we will, of course, help find you players in the short term.